The Skywatch has been postponed until 7/19 at 9:00pm. 

Wadleigh Memorial Library

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Wadleigh Memorial Library

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Soldier's Memorial Restoration Project


Repairs and restoration of the Soldier's Memorial statue continue. She is going to be gorgeous! 



Missing Stones

The fountain originally had stones from every U.S. State (45 at the time the fountain was constructed).  Many are missing, but we hope to find them!  Below is the list of missing stones:

Arkansas:  Missing is a block of grey or blue granite cut with the name “Dan. B. Jones”.  There is one block of granite at the fountain bearing the name of the state.  

California: The missing stone was donated by the Lull’s daughter, Ada Lull Gray.  It is a block of yellow sandstone bearing the inscription: “Leland Stamford Junior University, California”.

Colorado: The following missing stones were also sent for inclusion (but would be hard to identify): “iron, marble, coal, copper, lead, crystals, gold and silver bearing rocks”.  There is one block at the fountain bearing the name of the state. 

Connecticut: A block of sunset marble with the inscription “from the lakes of Killarney Ireland” on a leaf of shamrock is missing. (There were also specimens of iron ore from Connecticut brought to the fountain by Mrs. Lull).  A piece of stone with “Conn” is in the safe of the library.

Florida: The missing stone is a block of “Puddington” which (according to The Book of the Fountain) “came carefully wrapped in …soft moss…”

Georgia: 2 blocks of marble are missing.  One is marked with the name of Charles F. Crisp, the other unmarked. The third block with the name of the state is currently located in the safe of the library.

Illinois: There is no stone currently around the fountain to represent Illinois, but the stone they donated was very distinctive…we’d love to find this one! A block of white sandstone with the following words cut into it: “With malice towards none and charity for all—Abraham Lincoln. You can see a photo of that particular stone around the fountain at Lullwood in The Book of the Fountain.

Kentucky: A stalactite from Mammoth Cave is missing.  There is a small boulder from Kentucky inscribed with “KY”.

Maine:  Missing is a block of Maine granite with autograph of Thomas B. Reed.  There are 2 stones with the name of the state at the fountain.

Maryland: There were several pieces of marble contributed; only one (the one with the name of the state) is with the fountain today.

Nebraska: There is no stone representing Nebraska.  Missing (and not easily identifiable as from the state): white onyx, water agate, and small cobbles.

Nevada: Missing is a small block of silver-bearing rock.

New Hampshire: There are many New Hampshire stones missing from the fountain:

  • a tablet of pink granite, variegated with moss green inscribed “Governor John B. Smith, 1894.” (donated by Gov. John B. Smith)
  • specimens from the first American glass manufactory, which was built in Temple in 1780
  • two fine specimens of native stone, one with rose colored quartz crystals, the other green beryl.
  • a block of glass, and another of quartz.
  • a block of shining crystals from the White Mountains.
  • a block of black and white mica, tinted with red.

There are two stones still present from the original donations--a boulder of crystals inscribed “Col. John W. Crosby” and a block of granite is cut with the badge of the Nineteenth Army Corps (8th NH Volunteers).

New York: Most of the missing stones listed as donated will be nearly impossible to recognize…here is the list from The Book of the Fountain:

  • souvenir from the Philipse mansion
  • souvenir from Washington’s headquarters
  • souvenir from the old White Light house at Stony Point
  • souvenirs from one of the port holes of Fort Washington, from Livingston House, from Ticonderoga and Crown Point, from Sunnyside, from Sleepy Hollow.
  • pieces of granite and marble from the tomb of Gen. Grant, also a brick from his old tomb.

There is one stone marked “N. Y. from J.J. Nolan” (a piece of which has broken off and is in the safe).

North and South Dakota: No stone to represent the states. Missing is a red and white rock on which is cut the name of each of the two states, and various specimens of alabaster, selenite, and black, white and yellow mica.

Pennsylvania: Missing a slab of green marble with the autograph of Galusha A. Grow. (Also listed in The Book of the Fountain are a piece of coal and “a curious bundle of small stones”). There is currently no stone around the fountain to represent Pennsylvania (the second state admitted to the Union).

Tennessee: Missing is a marble block with the autograph of Benton McMillen inscribed.  There is a block of Tennessee marble with the name of the state inscribed.

Utah: According to The Book of the Fountain, there should be a block of granite inscribed “Salt Lake Temple”, and 2 blocks of onyx, one cut with the autograph of Wilford Woodruff, and one cut with the autograph of Hon. G.Q. Cannon.

There is a red rock inscribed with the name of the state, and a block of what may be onyx that is set inside the fountain bowl which appears to have the state name on it also.

Virginia: Missing stones are:

  • block of white marble with facsimile signature of George Washington inscribed on it.
  • two pieces of granite from the battlefield of Gettysburg

There is one stone marked “From Bull Run” that came from Virginia.

Washington DC: This group of stones is called “The Washington Group” in The Book of the Fountain. Missing stones include:

  • a block of chiseled marble bearing a facsimile autograph of G. Washington
  • a piece of statuary marble on which is cut the autograph of Frances F. Cleveland
  • something with the autographs of Hon. C. A. Sulloway and Hon. H.M. Barker.

We do have the square of white marble with a cross cut into it and the autograph of Clara Barton. In addition, there is a small boulder inscribed “Washington D.C.”