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Wadleigh Memorial Library

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Wadleigh Memorial Library

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Wadleigh Memorial Library Digital Archives contains the Milford Cabinet and other local historical newspapers.

Search full text or browse local titles.  

  • Farmer’s Cabinet (Nov 1802 – June 1900)
  • Milford Enterprise (Dec 1873 – Dec 1886)
  • Milford Daily Pointer (July 1894 – July 1909)
  • Milford Cabinet (July 1900 – Dec 2019)

This digitization project was partially funded by the Arthur L. Keyes Memorial Trust and a generous grant from the Milford Area Seniors.

Town Reports

University of New Hampshire Digital Collections:

Annual Town Reports (1899-2021)

Internet Archive:

Annual Town Reports (1866-2011)

Town of Milford:

Annual Town Reports (2016 - present)

Digitized / searchable books


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