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Milford House Cards

Created in the 1950s by Alberta Hagar, The Milford Old House Cards list the street names, house numbers, and residents for each house in Milford, NH, at the time.The cards were later typed by Louie Carey to make them readable, and have been edited over the years. Please use at your own discretion.  For preservation and security purposes the Milford Old House Cards not available for in-person use at the library. To browse the cards, please use the links to our digital collections below.

A (Adams, Amherst, Armory, Ash)

B (Ball Hill, Beech, Berry, Bilings, Border, Brookline, Burns)

C (Charles, Cherry, Chestnut, Clinton, Colburn, Cottage, Crosby)

D (Dean, Dearborn)

E (Echo, Elm, Emerson)

F (Farley, Federal Hill, Ford, Forest, Forest, Foster, Franklin)

G (Garden, George, Grove)

H (High, Highland, Hilltop)

J (Jennison, Johnson, Joslin)

K (King, Knight)

L (Laurel, Lewis, Lincoln, Linden)

M (Marshall through Myrtle)

N (Nashua and maps, North, North River)

O (Oak, Old Brookline, Old Wilton, Olive, Orange, Orchard, Osgood)

P (Park, Perkins, Pleasant, Ponemah Hill, Prospect)

R (Richardson, Riverview, Ruonala)

S (Savage, Shepard, Smith, Souhegan, South, Spaulding, Spruce, Summer)

T (Tonella, Trows Court) 

U (Union)

V (Vine)

W (Walker, West, West View, Whitten, Willow, Wolffer)