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Are you looking for a story from a different point of view?

Sparrow by Sarah Moon is about a painfully shy girl who wants to be a bird.

They find her on the edge of the roof of her school. No one believes that she wasn't about to jump. But then again, no one knows Sparrow very well. She keeps good grades. She keeps to herself. Though she wishes she could find a friend, she has no idea how that might happen. So sometimes she goes where the birds gather, and she waits, waits for them to come get her, gather her up, take her with them, take her high above the school, above the city, above the crowds. For those few moments she's not alone, closed in. But Sparrow begins to discover something else inside her--a music, a song that grows in power, if only she can let it be a bridge.

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Are you looking for a heart-warming story about finding a place to belong?

Brave by James Bird is about a boy with a problem: he counts the number of words whenever someone speaks. When his father gives up on him and sends him to live with his mother on an Ojibwe reservation, he isn't sure there's anyplace he'll fit in.

Collin can't help himself--he has a unique condition that leads him to count every letter spoken to him. It's a quirk that makes him a prime target for bullies and a continual frustration to the adults around him, including his father. When Collin is asked to leave yet another school, his dad decides to send him to live in Minnesota with the mother he's never met. She is Ojibwe and lives on a reservation. Collin arrives in Duluth with his loyal dog, Seven, and quickly finds his mom and his new home to be warm, welcoming, and accepting of his condition. Collin's quirk is matched by that of his neighbor, Orenda, a girl who lives mostly in her treehouse and believes she is turning into a butterfly. With Orenda's help, Collin works hard to overcome his challenges. His real test comes when he must step up for his new friend and trust his new family.

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Are you looking for a summer-themed psychological thriller?

The Summer I Drowned by Taylor Hale is about a girl who returns to the sleepy seaside town where she nearly died five years ago... and discovers that her fears are not unfounded.

Five years after almost drowning, Olivia Cathart returns home to Caldwell Beach determined to face her fears and take some risks--not just by swimming, but by opening her heart. Hoping to rekindle her friendships, she's excited about a carefree summer with her best friends Keely and Miles. But life in the sleepy town has changed, and no one and nothing is as it seems. When a series of startling crimes threaten Olivia's fragile state, she is plunged into a terrifying game of cat and mouse. Her only solace from the chaos is West, Miles's disowned and ruggedly handsome brother, but even he can't answer the question on everyone's minds--is Olivia really in danger or is it simply all in her head?

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Are you looking for something strange, dark, lovely, and gripping?

Wilder Girls by Rory Power follows a group of girls quarantined at their boarding school after a disease called "The Tox" infects them with strange mutations. 

When Hetty is assigned to the Boat Crew - going outside of school grounds to pick up the supplies dropped off for them - she discovers that life off their isolated island may be worse than they thought.  Then her friend relapses and disappears, and the girls must work together to find out what happened to her.

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Are you looking for something funny and sweet with some romance?

When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon is about a boy looking for love and a girl who isn't.

Dimple's mom and aunts are obsessed with arranging a marriage for her, but all Dimple wants to do is spend her summer at a cool coding camp.  Rishi is excited for the match his parents have made for him, and he can't wait to meet her.  He also doesn't realize her parents haven't told her about their arranged marriage, which leads to him getting an iced coffee thrown at him.

But Rishi is sweet, and Dimple decides she could at least date him...

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Are you looking for something magical yet realistic?

The Fascinators by Andrew Eliopulos takes place in a world where magic exists, but no one goes off to Hogwarts - they join a magic club at school.

Sam and his friends James and Delia have been the only members of their school's magic club, The Fascinators, for three years.  Then Denver shows up, and he's clearly interested in Sam, but Sam is hung up on James, who's been acting shady.  When James reveals that he disappeared a spell book from a fanatic group of magic users, they'll all have to work together to get the book back.

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