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What is the Teen BookBox?

**Teen BookBoxes will be on hiatus April 12-18**

The Teen BookBox is similar to subscription boxes, only it's free!  Each BookBox will include 2 newer Young Adult books selected based on your reading preferences, along with some fun crafts, snacks, and prizes.  You'll have to return the books, but the other items are yours to keep!  If you'd like to recycle the box by returning it to the library, we would much appreciate it.

There will be a short survey inside the box.  Fill it out and return it with the books to help us find books you'll love!  The survey will also give you the option to request another BookBox right away.  

Teen BookBox is for grades 6-12.  For grades 5 & under, check out BookBox Jr. For adults, check out Adult Book Box (you can request YA titles in an adult box!).

Please note that Teen BookBox is only available to those with a Milford library card.

How do I sign up?

Start by filling out this form.  You will need to have a Wadleigh Memorial Library card.  If you don't have one, ask your parent/guardian take you to the library to get one!  Library cards are free for all Milford residents and all students at Milford schools.

Once we've received the form, we will start preparing your BookBox.  It may take a few days, and we will email you once it's ready for you to pick up.  The library books inside the box will be checked out on your library account for a month, so if you want them to be a surprise, don't check your account online!

That's it!  You only need to fill out the online form once.  After that, you can either request another BookBox immediately on the survey included in the box, or contact the library (call 249-0645, or email wadleighya@gmail.com) to request your next box.